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Don’t get bitten by that divot spanning Main Street and Lake Boulevard

I’ve become very concerned about the driving situation around here. The potholes are growing larger than the rats. Frightening.

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Has Blagojevich been driven just plain crazy, or is the governor crazy like a fox?

Was it just my warped imagination, or did Gov. Rod Blagojevich over the weekend compare his situation to the unjust imprisonments of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi?

I’ve concluded that Blagojevich either has lost his mind or wants everyone to believe he has. It’s becoming surreal to watch the state’s top elected official defend his actions publicly.

And here is another interesting tidbit: Blagojevich recently hired Publicity Agency, the Tampa, Fla.-based public relations firm that handles former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson. Did the folks at this firm tell Blagojevich to invoke the likes of Mandela, King and Gandhi?

Whosever idea it was to have the governor spread himself thin on the television talk-show circuit rather than attend his impeachment proceedings, it was incredibly bad advice. Blagojevich may have nothing but contempt for the process to remove him from office, but it’s real and should be taken seriously.

But who am I to judge?

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Should I panick about a ‘temporary’ gas shortage at tollway stop?

Driving north on I-294 this morning on my way to work, I noticed an overhead highway sign that flashed the message, “Hinsdale Oasis temporarily out of gas.”

Out of gas? What’s going on? Is this what I can expect from the Obama administration — a gas shortage? Is this the crisis that now-Vice President Joe Biden predicted would occur if he and Barack Obama won the election

I wonder who it was who shorted us. Was it Hugo Chavez in Venezuela? He’s already had it in for us. Perhaps we can get Ozzie Guillén to return to Venezuela and talk some sense into Chavez (imagine the thought that Ozzie could talk sense into anyone).

Or was it the Ruskies who left us hanging? I know they’ve been stingy with their natural gas lately, but what about oil? Do we even import any oil from Russia?

I didn’t see any headlines about a mass shortage of gas today, so perhaps it was confined to the Hinsdale Oasis. But keep your eyes open to see if it happens anywhere else. We could be in battle royale over our quota of petroleum.

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Obama skeptics down but not out in quest to deny him the presidency

The obstacles that Barack Obama’s critics will have to confront to prove he’s not eligible to serve as president grew more numerous today. It’s going to be incredibly difficult to persuade members of Congress who recently validated Obama’s election, U.S. Supreme Court justices who have consistently declined to take up legal challenges and a Supreme Court chief justice who swore Obama in as president that they’ve all been duped.

But I’m sure those who have convinced themselves that Obama is not a natural-born citizen will persevere, despite the tidal wave of support that Obama is receiving (not to mention the utter lack of evidence that any of their allegations is true). They’ve committed themselves to a cause, and the cause must trump reality.

I feel sorrry for these people, in a way. It’s can’t be easy to see your baseless assertions treated as trivial matters. I mean those of us in the media won’t give these people the time of day, and the courts have been anything but friendly to this campaign to keep Obama from assuming the presidency.

I’d say the fact that Obama has taken the oath and moved into the White House is a definite jolt to the skeptics’ quest. These people in Washington have big egos. They’re not going to want to even consider the notion that they got it wrong, no matter how flimsy the evidence is suggesting Obama can’t be president.

But I don’t doubt that the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories will persist, despite the amount of evidence weighing against them. Never say die, I guess.

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It’s a good thing some sex offenders are dumb enough to get themselves caught

It astounds me to continue to read stories about people who are arrested for soliciting sex from minors over the Internet.

Some of our papers recently published a report of Patrick J. Newton, a 28-year-old Western Springs resident who was arrested Jan. 2 in Elmhurst for allegedly using the Internet to solicit sex with a 15-year-old girl. Elmhurst police officials said Newton thought he was communicating with the teenage girl but was actually having an online dialogue with law enforcement agents.

What I find to difficult to believe is that these guys continue to get caught, despite the fact that at least one of these Internet stings seems to make it into the newspapers every month. I have to believe that most of these conversations are with police officers, not juveniles — when are these mopes going to learn?

It’s a good thing these people are as dumb as they are, otherwise it would be more difficult to catch them. The law enforcement agents dedicated to putting sex offenders in prison deserve our ongoing appreciation.

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Illinois House of Representatives applies double hurt to Rod Blagojevich

Can you say “overkill”?

We all know that Gov. Rod Blagojevich was impeached last week by the Illinois House of Representatives. This, of course, was followed by a press conference in which Blagojevich reminded people of how truly awesome a governor he could be if it weren’t for those pesky members of the House sticking their noses in his philanthropic business.

Damn those checks and balances!

And we also all know that members of the 96th General Assembly were sworn in yesterday. So far, so good.

But did you know that after being sworn into office for the new legislative session, House members passed another vote to impeach Blagojevich? What are they trying to do — prompt him to recite more poetry?

Come on, guys, a second impeachment vote? Isn’t that a tad excessive?

Does this mean that the first one didn’t count? Were members of the House merely doing a practice run, trying to see who might chicken out at the last minute?

I’ve certainly not been a fan of the governor since, oh, … ever. But the second go-around with impeachment is really piling on? How much do you want to rub it in, eh?

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‘True believers’ defy reality in clinging to Obama birth conspiracy theories

Only because I can’t get enough of your warm wishes and thoughtful sentiments, I’m going to repost a reply I made to a comment left the other day on another post from someone identified as mattie14 (her comment can be found in the blog post titled “Truth about Obama’s citizenship status will never satisfy hardcore skeptics”).

But in case this isn’t enough for you, I’ve written about this issue in my newspaper column this week. Here is a link to the online version of my column: Go ahead and have a look. There is space for additional comments if you’d like to leave them there as well.

Thanks to everyone, and please keep reading and commenting.

* * *


A Web site called Obama Conspiracy Theories contains all kinds of helpful information for anyone who’s interested in this topic. It offers an exhaustive review of all the questions regarding Barack Obama’s birth and answers them with examples. You can find its article on the question of whether Obama was born in Hawaii at

Much of what I had previously presented I found elsewhere, but the Obama Conspiracy Theories Web site really is a one-stop shop if you wish to examine the issue thoroughly. I shall now lay out some of the facts I previously posted so you can check them out yourself.

Fact: The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution classifies two types of U.S. citizens: natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens. So either you’re a natural-born citizen, or you are a naturalized citizen. Those are the only choices. All citizens of this country (whether natural-born or naturalized) must be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, meaning they must adhere to U.S. laws (as opposed to people living here who have diplomatic immunity). According to the 14th Amendment, the two requirements for someone to be considered a natural-born citizen is that the person must be born in this country and that he or she be subject to jurisdiction of the United States. That’s it. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires a naturalized citizen’s parents to be citizens of this country themselves. If you can find something in the Constitution that contradicts what I’ve written, please let me know. But good luck, because it’s simply not there.

Fact: Hawaiian officials have verified that they have Obama’s original birth certificate on file. This should resolve any question over whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not. Why? Before 1982 (when Obama was 21 years old), Hawaii did not accept (from birth parents) the birth certificates of any child not born in Hawaii. This means that any birth certificate the state has on file is of a child born in Hawaii, period. End of story. The state has a program where birth parents could register the birth of their child after he or she was born. But this is only for children born in Hawaii, and birth parents can’t register their children until they are at least one year old. Obama’s birth records show official registration of his birth within a few days. Hawaii allows parents to register the birth of their adopted child. But this couldn’t have applied to Obama since the state didn’t initiate this program until 1979, when Obama was 18 years old. And the legitimate place of birth (be it in Hawaii, out of state or out of country) must be recorded as part of the registration. So even if this program applied to Obama (which it doesn’t), his state and nation of birth would have to be included with the document.

Conclusion of these facts: Given the year Obama was born, the only reason Hawaii would have his original birth certificate on file is if he was born in Hawaii. He could not have been born in another country and then registered in Hawaii because the adoptive registration program was not initiated until 1979 and foreign-born program did not begin until 1982. Even under such programs, the origin of his birth would have to be recorded. But none of these programs apply to Obama because they didn’t exist when he was born. The sole choice left for us, then, is that he was born in Hawaii in 1961. That is a fact.

Fact: Members of have examined the Certificate of Live Birth that Obama possesses and determined it was authentic. Obama obtained a copy of his short-form COLB from Hawaii in 2007; images of it have been posted on several Web sites. The people from scrutinized the document and examined it for the alleged flaws that skeptics said it had. They found it authentic in every way and ascertained that it was indeed an official copy of his birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii. Officials from Hawaii said of Obama’s COLB that it possesses everything necessary for the purpose of official verification of citizenship. This is the very form that government agencies accept when they need such documentation. It’s been verified as having been issued by Hawaii, and it has all the information needed to determine that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Those are facts.

Even if we didn’t have the COLB, we still have the verification of Hawaiian officials that Obama was born in Hawaii (they confirmed that his original birth certificate is on file with the state, and the only birth certificates they would have on file prior to 1979 are those of children born in Hawaii, no one else). When Obama was born, Hawaii was a part of the United States. Therefore, the fact that Obama was born in the United States is beyond any question. That is a fact.

Now that we have established that Obama was born in the United States, and given that neither he nor his family served as part of any foreign diplomatic corps and so did not have diplomatic immunity, he was subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of his birth. So combine the fact that he was born in the United States and the fact that he was subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, according to the U.S. Constitution, Obama was a natural-born citizen and is eligible to serve as president. That is a fact.

Please feel free to present any evidence you have that challenges anything I’ve presented. If you still wish to live in denial and claim Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen, that’s your choice. But don’t claim that I’ve only delved in opinion when I’ve layed out all these facts in front of you.

Thank you for leaving your comments. Even though we differ sharply on this issue, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my work and provide input.

– Jerry Moore

* * *


I forgot about a few another fact you may not have known. By searching through the 1961 archives of Hawaiian-based newspapers, someone unearthed Barack Obama’s birth notice listed in two different publications. Newsapers get this information directly from hospitals. Why in the world would a newspaper list a birth notice of someone who wasn’t born in Hawaii? And why would a Hawaiian hospital send out a birth notice of someone who was born in a different country? That wouldn’t make sense, would it? But since it’s been established that Obama was born in Hawaii, it then makes sense that the hospital would send out a birth notice and local newspapers would publish it. Is everyone growing tired of debating reality?

— Jerry Moore

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