It’s a good thing some sex offenders are dumb enough to get themselves caught

It astounds me to continue to read stories about people who are arrested for soliciting sex from minors over the Internet.

Some of our papers recently published a report of Patrick J. Newton, a 28-year-old Western Springs resident who was arrested Jan. 2 in Elmhurst for allegedly using the Internet to solicit sex with a 15-year-old girl. Elmhurst police officials said Newton thought he was communicating with the teenage girl but was actually having an online dialogue with law enforcement agents.

What I find to difficult to believe is that these guys continue to get caught, despite the fact that at least one of these Internet stings seems to make it into the newspapers every month. I have to believe that most of these conversations are with police officers, not juveniles — when are these mopes going to learn?

It’s a good thing these people are as dumb as they are, otherwise it would be more difficult to catch them. The law enforcement agents dedicated to putting sex offenders in prison deserve our ongoing appreciation.

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4 responses to “It’s a good thing some sex offenders are dumb enough to get themselves caught

  1. Sounds like someone needs to read the ““Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies” It is the
    Final Report of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force to the Multi-State Working Group on Social Networking of State Attorneys General of the United States. Directed by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

    Facts please…not hysteria..

  2. cfcoklahomaorg

    A very good “power Point Presentation” that every citizen and law maker should understand if we are to have “effective” sex offender laws.

    I, personally believe that the public registries are “meaningless” because they have teens on Tier II for consensual sex. etc.

    In my opinion, the real predators are hiding in the registry. 1. The violent offender. 2. The repeat offender. and 3. The offender who did not know their victim. Basically, the vast majority are family related and those who are known to the family. They have a very very low recidivist rate and we are wasting valuable tax payers money and police resources.

    Another good study:

  3. Brian Calvert

    I know PJ, I went to LT with him, he always had some strange facsination with young girls I could never understand it. Now after this arrest his life is over. One part of me feels bad for him, another part says how could you be so stupid. His parents kicked him out and he can’t hold a job, RIP

  4. Claire

    PJ’s a great guy, he just made a mistake…………should we hold that against him the rest of his life?

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