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Kaiser Watch: Dave Diersen and I to stand together against intellectual theft

Kaiser Dave has signaled to me that he’s ready to stand by me in a fight.

Responding to a new blog by Quinn Reeves that referenced one of my previous postings, Dave Diersen of Wheaton opined today on his Web site, GOPUSA Illinois, that he and I share a “concern about Diersen-bashing Quinn Reeves.” He then provided a link to a blog entry I posted yesterday in which I noted the peculiar nature of Reeves’ ramblings.

Reeves used my Feb. 19 blog posting in which I poked fun at Diersen and his ability to grossly misconstrue things that people say and/or write. The post on Reeves’ Web site was incoherent gibberish, which led me to believe he was poking fun at me by grossly misconstruing my message about Diersen.

But I read through some of Reeves’ previous blog postings, and some of them were equally unintelligible. So I’m not sure what these entries are supposed to mean.

I do indeed share a concern with Diersen — my absolute best friend and closest buddy in DuPage County — about Reeves. I’m concerned that people are going to believe Reeves came up with the term “Kaiser Dave,” which is not the case. That one is mine, and perhaps I should have it copyrighted.

So my pal Dave Diersen and I will stand together on this issue to protect my intellectual property, and I’m so pleased he’s drawing a line in the sand on my behalf for this issue. It’s very humbling to know he’s got my back, frankly, and I’m indebted to Diersen for his loyalty.


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Don’t be square! Let the ex-gov lay some Nostradamus on us. Can you dig it?

I have to hand it to Blago. No matter what the scenario, he knows how the generate a buzz.

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich filled in this morning on the Don Wade & Roma radio program on WLS-AM 890. According to news reports, he continued to insist that he did nothing wrong.

Sadly, I didn’t see anything about Blago breaking into poetry — so I’m presuming he didn’t. I’ve long believed that he could have salvaged his political career by invoking one of the Beat Generation poets, such as Allen Ginsberg, during his impromptu press conferences right before he was impeached..

The sight of Blago sporting a beret and sunglasses with one of his assistants playing the bongos and everyone in the audience snapping their fingers in appreciation would be worth keeping him as governor. OK, perhaps not, but it still would have been entertaining. Ain’t that hip, Daddio?

But while he didn’t make use of any poetry during his radio stint, Blago displayed another amazing gift: He said his prediction about those seeking to remove him from office so they could raise taxes is coming true!

If we can’t use him as governor, perhaps Blago could become the state’s official psychic (or, as one cable TV character on TNT’s “The Closer” likes to be called, an intuitionist). He can see the future — wouldn’t that be incrediby helpful?

Just imagine employing the former governor to warn us about a future he helped create. That, groovy chicks and groovy cats, calls for some poetry.

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Recent entry made on new blog has me wondering what in the world is going on

A recent posting on a new blog, which used one of my previous blog postings as a backdrop, has me scratching my head.

Quinn Reeves (?) began a blog earlier this month, and yesterday the blog referenced an entry I posted more than a month ago. The headline of my Feb 19 post was: “Kaiser Watch: Dave Diersen has shocking take on speech given by U.S. attorney general”

Here is the headline from Reeve’s March 23 posting: “Kaiser Ticker: Dave Diersen holds flooring take along address given by U.”

What the ….

My blog post dealt with how my very dear, close, personal friend Dave Diersen of Wheaton often misconstrues what people say and/or write in his daily list of stories on his Web site GOPUSA Illinois. Anyone who’s ever read Diersen’s comments knows exactly what I’m talking about.

After reading Reeve’s blog entry, I thought the idea was to misconstrue my blog entry by writing a bunch of gibberish. The problem is that previous blog entries are also largely gibberish, so I’m not sure what Reeve’s point is.

But maybe it’s just me — that’s happened before.

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Panelists to discuss corruption in state government this weekend in Bensenville

Glancing at Illinois Review earlier today provided me with information about a worthwhile event.

“The Future Business Leaders of America, the Student Government Association and Citizens Against Government Waste are sponsoring a Symposium on Corruption this Saturday in Bensenville,” according to a blog posting by Curt Mercadante on the Illinois Review Web site. “Billed as an event to help ‘unravel the social and economic costs of corruption in Illinois,’ the event includes panels on ‘The Cost of Public Corruption in Dollars and Sense’ and ‘Moving Beyond Corruption — Dissecting the Illinois Machine.’ Confirmed panelists include Steve Rhodes, The Beachwood Reporter; Bill Dwyer, columnist, Wednesday Journal Newspapers; David Morrison, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform; Terry Brunner, Better Government Association; Mike McKeon, McKeon & Associates; [and] Mike Lawrence, [former] director, Paul Simon Public Policy [Institute].”

The event wil be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 21, in the auditorium of Fenton High School, 1000 W. Green St., Bensenville. Sounds interesting; you may want to check it out.


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A little birdie told me that Gov. Quinn’s proposed state budget will cost plenty

Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technology, one local elected official continued a trend in community outreach: posting “tweets” during an important event.

State Rep. Tim Schmitz, R-49th District, of Geneva registered his thoughts on Gov. Pat Quinn‘s budget address today using Twitter, a “social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets,” according to Wikipedia. “Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length.”

Schmitz was commenting on Quinn’s speech through ilhousegop, the Twitter account operated (I believe) by the Illinois House Republicans (unless there are some rogue House Democrats who have clandestinely established their own bogus “GOP” Twitter account unbeknownst to the Republican apparatus — damn them!). Here are Schmitz’s tweets (going from oldest to most-recent postings):

* * *

“getting a budget briefing” (about 9:30 a.m.)

“House Gallery is filling up” (about 11:30 a.m.)

“Reporters are testing their mics and cameras”

“Speaker is calling the House to order”

“The Gov is in the House making his way to the podium”

“Gov states we need to live within our means” (about noon)

“He is creating a Taxpayer Action Board to review expenses”

“Proposing changes to the pension system for new employees”

“Gov proposed not to make full pension payments for next 2 years”

“Gov is talking up tax relief for families”

“Gov just proposed raising income taxes 50%”

“Middle income families will pay more”

“Gov opposes massive spending cuts”

“Gov supports small business tax hikes when IL unemploy. just hit 7.9%”

“Gov proposes $26 billion jobs plan”

“The plan relys on major tax and fee hikes”

“spending increases in education”

“Gov’s income tax hike will cost $600 more to a married couple”

“Gov is no done. No prop tax relief for families”

“Have a good day!” (about 12:30 p.m.)

* * *

Wow, that was just like being there! That is, of course, if by “just like being there” I mean “staring at a computer reading someone’s blog posting on someone else’s tweets made during a speech on the proposed state budget.” OK, a blog posting on a series of tweets regarding a budget address doesn’t offer the same immediacy as sitting in the Capitol listening to Quinn’s remarks (or even watching them on TV). But it’s Twitter, and all the kids are using Twitter when they go on their crazy Inter-Webs, right? So it’s got to be cool.

From the looks of it, Quinn has some definite plans for a lot of people’s income. Tomorrow I’ll compare Schmitz’s take on the budget address to what’s written about it in the MSLEM (mainstream liberal elite media, for those of you who aren’t acronymically correct). Until then, let me know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment.

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Surpassing outlandish: Conservative-backed bill calls for gender quotas

Could I simply be reading this bill incorrectly, or does a bill in he Illinois Senate backed by noteworthy conservatives call for gender quotas?

Senate Bill 600, which passed out of the Senate Elections Committee last week, seeks to amend the way that members of the Republican State Central Committee are chosen. Whereas they are now selected by county, township and precinct committeemen, the bill would open the process to GOP primary voters.

Certainly, I have no objections to allowing rank-and-file Republicans having a direct vote on their leaders. How could the GOP in Illinois become more grass roots than to have these decisions made from the bottom up?

The question of how the Republican State Central Committee is constructed has caused a major rift among Republicans. State Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-25th District, of Aurora sponsored SB 600, but state GOP chairman Andy McKenna said the Illinois Republican Party would file a lawsuit if necessary to keep the bill from being enforced if signed into law. State Sen. Christine Radogno, R-41st District, of Lemont is a chief co-sponsor of the bill, while state Sen. Randy Hultgren, R-48th District, of Wheaton pulled his name as a co-sponsor Feb. 25.

Many notable conservatives have come out in favor of the bill, and it appears to have widespread Democratic support. But many GOP leaders oppose the bill. It’s going to be interesting to see how the vote goes in the full Senate.

The peculiar part of SB 600 is Senate Committee Amendment No. 1. It reads in full: “Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Election Code. Requires that a state central committee of a political party under Alternative A must be composed of two members from each congressional district (one male and one female) elected by the primary voters (now, one member from each distict elected by the primary voters or by ward, township or precinct committeemen). Applies to state central committees elected at or after the 2010 general primary. Effective immediately.”

If I understand the amendment correctly, there are now 19 members of the GOP State Central Committee (since there are 19 congressional districts in Illinois). If passed by the full Senate, the bill would double the size of the committee and mandate that half of the members be men and half be women (one man and one woman from each congressional district). I wrote about this in my column this week, by the way.

That’s a pretty “progressive” move, one I wouldn’t expect many conservatives in Illinois to embrace. It compels a gender quota by government fiat of a particular elective office. No wonder the Democrats seem to be on board.

Don’t conservatives rail against preferential treatment for any group? Yet this measure has been strongly endorsed by conservative groups such as Champion News Network edited by Jack Roeser, Illinois Review edited by Fran Eaton — and, of course, GOPUSA Illinois edited by my very close friend Dave Diersen of Wheaton.

So why are conservatives promoting gender quotas? It’s truly an odd turn of events.


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Wars raging within GOP are starting to result in casualties — namely me!

For what it’s worth, here’s my theory of what’s going on with the Republicans: They’re so hungry for an electoral victory that they’ve begun cannibalizing each other. Bon appetit!

First the dittoheads got their noses out of joint because they perceived that their beloved Rush Limbaugh was dissed by Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, when he reminded people that Limbaugh wassn’t leading the GOP. The desire for an inter-party fight then localized when state Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-25th District, of Aurora sponsored Senate Bill 600, which passed the Senate Elections Committee last week. State GOP chairman Andy McKenna announced that the Illinois Republican Party retained a law firm to fight the legislation should it become law.

Another feud that’s brolen out in the GOP is between Fran Eaton, editor of the conservative Web site Illinois Review, and Tom Roeser, a longtime conservative activist. A blog posting yesterday on Illinois Review claimed that Roeser held “an exclusive secret meeting” over the weekend in a bid to help Republican Rosanna Pulido win the 5th Congressional District seat formerly held by Rahm Emanuel. Roeser countered that his Council of Trent was open to anyone.

Here’s some of the exchange:

“Sure beats us as to what point Rosanna Pulido’s supporters are trying to make by keeping their efforts to win Rahm Emanuel’s congressional seat a secret from like-minded and widely read conservative sources such as Illinois Review, but being open and giving interviews to national political sources such as []. What’s up with that?” according to Illinois Review. “From RedState we learn that Tom Roeser hosted an exclusive secret meeting on winning back the seat April 7. We’ll stand by and report from afar — as Pulido and Roeser obviously want it. Good luck with that, folks!”

“Our neighbor over at the Illinois Review, Fran Eaton, is huffy because the Council of Trent — composed of conservative movement leaders who met Saturday to help Rosanna Pulido — didn’t send Eaton a personal, engraved invitation,” according to Roeser’s blog on the Web site “No one got one: it was advertised on this blog and on my WLS radio program, and people who wanted to come just simply came. Evidently that kind of average folks invitation isn’t to Eaton’s liking. Somebody who told her she’s a Superstar who deserves special treatment and fawning has made a big mistake. Eaton hints that she’ll probably sit this one out on Pulido because Eaton wasn’t carried into the crowd on a gilded chair like one of the early popes.

“This is the second time I’ve been clipped by the huffy, unpredictable idiosyncratic Eaton, whom I had as a guest lecturer [at] my college course and invited to be on my show (she was too busy) — and I’m fed up with it. I’ve praised [Eaton] in the past as an excellent journalist, but now no more Mr. Nice Guy. With your cavalier attitude, m’dear, you’ll wait a helluva long time to get another bon mot from me.”


But here’s the worst part of this inter-party battle. For some reason, Illinois Review (which touts itself as the “crossroads of the conservative community”) is no longer carrying the daily Web feed from GOPUSA Illinois,  the brainchild of Dave Diersen of Wheaton. I always saw Diersen and Eaton as joined at the political hip, but something has gone awry.

Here’s what Diersen had to say on his Web site today:

“If you have noted that copies of GOPUSA Illinois are no longer posted on the Illinois Review Web site, it is because sadly, suddenly, without explanation, Illinois Review (Dennis LaComb and Fran Eaton) terminated GOPUSA Illinois (Dave Diersen) on March 12, 2009. Archived copies of GOPUSA Illinois’ daily e-mails since Feb. 26, 2009, have been deleted from the Illinois Review Web site. My phone and e-mail messages to Dennis and Fran asking for the reasons for the termination have not been returned.”

Man, that’s gotta hurt. Diersen has been the conservative standard-bearer for all these years, and Illinois Review drops him like a bad habit. What in the world is going on?

OK, I admit that my concern over this situation isn’t impartial. From time to time I’ll write either a column or blog posting that Diersen will list on his Web site. And any such listing would automatically be picked up by Illinois Review — and sometimes I’d get hits on my blog from people reading Illinois Review.

So Illinois Review has a bone to pick with GOPUSA Illinois — and I’m the one who has to suffer here. Is that fair?


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