Barack Obama birth certificate skeptics just won’t come to terms with reality

Somehow I figured that the Barack Obama birth certificate “scandal” would lose steam shortly after he assumed the presidency, given that the only thing scandalous about the controversy is there is no evidence of a controversy.

But common sense just doesn’t appease some people, and so the “scandal” rages on. My close, personal friend Dave Diersen of Wheaton highlighted the issue on his daily Web site, GOPUSA Illinois. Diersen offered a link to a write-up about this issue on a Chicago Tribune blog called The Swamp.

The blog posting on The Swamp is titled, “Obama’s birth: Appeasing the nut-cases”: Diersen’s reply in his headline is, “The communists say you were nuts if you questioned communism. The Democrats say you are nuts if you question Obama’s birth certificate.”

I don’t know what the communists said about people who questioned communism because I’m not a communist. I’m also not a Democrat, so I can’t speak for them, either.

But I will say that people who persist in promoting this noncontroversy don’t seem to want reality to penetrate their skulls. The claim that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii has been so thoroughly debunked that it bewilders me why anyone would still adhere to it.

But like all good conspiracy theories (JFK assassination, Apollo 11 moon mission, 9/11), many people cling to the unsubstantiated theories rather than the facts. Last year I conducted some cursory research into the issue and quickly found the claim against Obama’s citizenship not to possess one shred of evidence.

In fact, the very first thing I discovered about this issue nullifies any doubt that Obama was born anywhere else but Hawaii and should put further discussion to rest. Hawaiian officials in October verified that Obama’s original birth certificate is on file with the state.

Let me reiterate this: Obama’s “original” birth certificate — the document created at the time of his birth — is on file in Hawaii. Had Obama been born anywhere other than Hawaii, the state would not possess his original birth certificate.

It may have an authenticated copy of his birth certificate from the originating jurisdiction, but not the original. This one-of-a-kind document remains on record in the county/state/country of a person’s birth. So that Hawaii has Obama’s original birth certificate ends the dispute right there — it’s as simple as that.

Why would someone want to have an authenticated copy of his or her birth certificate placed on file in another jurisdiction? Let’s take Obama as an example. He was born in Honolulu (yes, he really was born there — honest) but eventually established his residency in Chicago. But if he needed to update his driver’s license or passport while in Chicago, he may not want to have to travel all the way to Honolulu to get a copy of his birth certificate to prove citizenship so he could update these government-issued ID’s.

So Obama could apply to have an authenticated copy of his birth certificate placed on file in Cook County where he lived. Then if he needed to update his driver’s license or passport and needed a copy of his birth certificate to do so, all he would have to do is go to a county facility and get a certified copy of his birth certificate and bring it with him to update his ID’s.

But even though Obama’s birth certificate may now be on file in another jurisdiction, it will still list the jurisdiction of his birth. So the certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate will list that he obtained this from Cook County but that he was actually born in Hawaii.

That’s the way it works, and nothing that the Obama birth certificate skeptics have produced casts an iota of doubt on the fact that he was born in Honolulu. A reasonable person should be able to understand this process and see that Hawaii is where Obama was born. There simply is no question on this, given that Hawaii has his original birth certificate. Case closed.

Still not convinced? Pop a few aspirin and dive into these facts.

Before 1982 (when Obama was 21 years old), Hawaii did not accept (from birth parents) the birth certificates of any child not born in Hawaii. This means that any birth certificate the state has on file is of a child born in Hawaii, period. The state has a program where birth parents could register the birth of their child after he or she was born (this benefited people living in remote portions of the Hawaiian islands where births often occurred at home with the help of a midwife, not in a hospital). But this is only for children born in Hawaii, and birth parents can’t register their children until they are at least 1 year old. Obama’s birth records show official registration of his birth within a few days. So after 1982, parents could have the birth certificates of any children born out of state on file in Hawaii. But this document would still record the actual place of birth.

Hawaii allows parents to register the birth of their adopted child. But this couldn’t have applied to Obama since the state didn’t initiate this program until 1979, when Obama was 18 years old. And the legitimate place of birth (be it in Hawaii, out of state or out of country) must be recorded as part of the registration. So even if this program applied to Obama (which it doesn’t because it wasn’t initiated until he was a legal adult), his state and nation of birth would have to be recorded on the document.

Conclusion of these facts: Given the year Obama was born, the only reason Hawaii would have his original birth certificate on file is if he was born in Hawaii. He could not have been born in another country and then registered in Hawaii because the adoptive registration program was not initiated until 1979 and the foreign-born program did not begin until 1982. Even under such programs, the origin of his birth would have to be recorded. But none of these programs apply to Obama because they didn’t exist when he was born. The sole choice left for us, then, is that he was born in Hawaii in 1961. That is a fact. Once again, case closed.

I hope Dave Diersen and all the other skeptics will digest this information and finally put this issue to rest. Barack Obama was born in Honolulu in 1961 and is, therefore, a natural-born citizen. There are plenty of other aspects of his presidency to pick apart and oppose, so don’t waste any energy raising questions about something beyond any shred of doubt.

If you folks have any credible evidence to suggest Obama was not born in Hawaii, I’d love to see it. Thanks for hearing me out.



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5 responses to “Barack Obama birth certificate skeptics just won’t come to terms with reality

  1. Mark

    I think this stems from two causes. First, years of anti-Clinton hysteria whipped up by Rush (“American held hostage!”) and others. With Bush’s election in 2000, our Long National Nightmare was supposed to be over. The Permanent Republican Majority was in place. A Democrat was not supposed to be President again. Ever.

    Second, sorry, racism. Obama is not a Real American. Not one of us. This cannot be.

    Jerry, as a Democrat, I thank you for your efforts. We desperately need a sane opposition party.

  2. srini

    I never thought birth of Obama will become such a big discussion topic. I am following this closely to see where this conspiracy ends. Meanwhile I have collected some good articles and sites related to Barack Obama (more than 200 sites or articles). If you are interested take a look at the below link

  3. Patrick

    You make some interesting arguments. However, here is another….

    If President Obama does not want Hawaii to release an “original copy” (duplicate) of his birth certificate…why? Maybe there is nothing fishy about his nationality but it stands to reason that there is something on the document that he does not want made public for others to see. Why the secrecy? I have a copy of my birth certificate in my home and have no problem showing it to anyone. Hell, I will post it on the internet, there is nothing particularly dangerous on it, like a social security number….in most states it is a public document and anyone can request it.

    Any thoughts?

  4. jerrymoore2008

    President Obama did release an official copy of his birth certificate and posted it online before the election.

  5. steve

    Whether he was actually born in Hawaii is neither here nor there, as it’s only one aspect to his inelibility for the office he holds … and if Obama’s birth controversy has been so ‘thoroughly debunked’ I’m not sure why anyone takes the time to defend the guy, such as the post here I just read.

    Questioning the “official government report” of any of the major events and disasters, which said official government reports are obviously false doesn’t make one a right-wing nut job, or wacko.
    “The simple believeth every word, but the prudent man looketh well to his going”.
    Don’t allow youself to be so easily convinced. It makes one look foolish in the eyes of those doing the fooling.

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