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Naperville Tea Party: Poor wretches don’t know how bad they have it

After being confronted with the reality of oppression while attending the Naperville Tea Party today, Col. Walter Kurtz’s words in “Apocolypse Now” came back to me: “The horror … the horror …”

Sure, Naperville looks like a prosperous community. A variety of merchants line the streets downtown, complemented by quite a municipal facility.

But I quickly became aware of a tyranny so pervasive that even the people who showed up for the Tax Day rally couldn’t bring themselves to speak of it. If they could, I’m sure this would be why they’d come out and protest.

Consider this: There is not a single Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Naperville. How the people who live there make it through each day is truly a mystery.

I was tempted to be a wiseguy by stopping inside a Starbucks to ask if they could direct me to the closest Dunkin’ Donuts. But I thought better of it, figuring that even the people who worked there were most likely bummed since they didn’t have easy access to the world’s greatest coffee. Facing the challenges of Tax Day would be trying enough without me rubbing salt in this wound.


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