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Here’s one crime that will be tough to crack

If you’re trying to ingratiate yourself to a judge, you might consider leaving the produce at home.

Agim Demiri, 40, of Naperville was charged today with one count of direct criminal contempt for allegedly throwing a raw egg at the DuPage County circuit judge who was presiding over his child support case in a Wheaton courtroom. According to a press release from the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, Demiri was immediately taken into custody and will remain in the DuPage County Jail for seven days.

The Sheriff’s Office said the incident is still under investigation and that additional charges may be filed.

I’d like to know how Demiri smuggled the egg into the courtroom. Will the metal detectors there have to be recalibrated to start monitoring for breakfast items that could be used as weapons?

Did Demiri have the egg wrapped in Bubble Wrap or something like that to keep it from breaking? And since he apparently had the egg with him when he came in, was this a premeditated act? Will the state have to come up with some new category of criminal charge, such as assault with a deadly omelette?


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Chicago man reportedly risks 30 years in prison to see his ex-wife murdered

It appears as though some guy from Chicago really doesn’t like the settlement details of his divorce.

John Johnson, 41, is being held without bond in DuPage County Jail for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. As if a reported murder-for-hire scheme wasn’t bizarre enough, he is accused of trying to hire someone to kill his ex-wife while he was already in jail.

Johnson’s ex-wife had an order of protection signed out against him, but Johnson allegedly violated the order of protection in Lombard. So while he was in DuPage County Jail on this charge, he is said to have told someone that he was willing to pay $3,000 to have his ex-wife murdered.

This person told representatives of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, and this department assigned one of its members to pose as a hit man. As one of my colleagues said to me, everyone in the Sheriff’s Office probably wanted that job.

Johnson reportedly offered the “hit man” $3,000 to kill his wife. On Monday, Johnson was charged with one count of solicitation of murder, a Class X felony. He faces between six and 30 years in prison if convicted.

Maybe Johnson should have used the $3,000 on marriage counseling. Sitting in a marriage counselor’s office for a few months must be much preferable to spending up to 30 years in prison.

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The DuPage Two will finally have their day in court

It’s hard to believe that after more than a year, prosecutors are still proceeding with this case.

On May 6, 2007, Sarah Hartfield of Naperville and Jeff Zurawski of Downers Grove staged a protest on a pedestrian bridge that crosses I-355 near Glen Ellyn and Lombard. They had a banner that read, “Impeach Bush and Cheney — Liars” and posted a U.S. flag upside down (the signal for distress).

An officer with the Illinois State Police arrived and asked Hartfield and Zurawski to remove their display because it could distract motorists. They said they would comply with took down the display.

As they were leaving, three deputies with the DuPage County sheriff’s office arrived on the scene. One appeared to be very agitated by their display and told them that there was a report that they had been throwing items off the bridge. As a veteran who had a son serving in Afghanistan, the deputy told Hartfield and Zurawski that he thought their display was very disrespectful to U.S. troops.

They denied throwing anything off the bridge and explained that the upside-down flag represented a nation in distress. The deputies took down their personal information and allowed them to leave.

Zurawski was arrested three weeks later, and Hartfield turned herself in a couple of days after that. The case being pursued by the DuPage County sheriff’s office comes down to a motorist who thought someone on the bridge made a throwing motion. Doesn’t sound like hard evidence against The DuPage Two to me.

The trial will begin at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in Room 4007 of the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton. Let’s hope that both free speech and common sense prevail.

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